Directory and Contact Information

2403 Atlantic Blvd Jacksonville, Florida 32207 904-398-1963


Father Frederick Parke

  Pastor, Email

Father Jose Panthaplamthottiyil, C.M.I.

  Parochial Vicar

Father Donald Lum

  In Residence

Father Martin Raj

   OSB in Residence

Deacon Dale Tatum

Deacon Jeff Silvernale

Deacon Chuck Patterson

Rectory Office Hours Monday

    10:30 AM – 12:00 PM – Lunch –  1:30 PM – 4:00 PM

Rectory Office Hours Tuesday – Thursday

    9:00 AM – 12:00 PM – Lunch –  1:30 PM – 4:00 PM

Rectory Office Hours  – Fridays

    9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

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Postal address: 2403 Atlantic Boulevard, Jacksonville, FL 32207

Electronic mail: General Info: 

 Pastoral Minister/Plant Manager

 Deacon Dale Tatum
 Finance Director School/Parish
Assistant to the Pastor
 Dianna Hinschberger

 School Principal
Vice Principal

  Maryann Jimenez
Jennifer Churchill
 Director of Youth Ministry  Alex Wilson  904-318-6288  
 Technology  Alex Pino with Southern PC
  Parish/School Bookkeeper
Assistant Bookkeeper
 Laura Ogin
Kelly Mullaney
 School and Religious Ministry  Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother: 
Sr.Mary Donovan;

Sr. Marina Hernandez,
Sr. Grace Silao,
Sr. Megan Conway,
Sr. Emma Sympson,
Sr. Kelai Reno,
Sr. Kira Lum,
Sr. Shelby Rowell,
Sr. Kelly Jo Foht,
Sr. Kathryn Shea
 Religious Education Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother
 RCIA and Adult Education   Daniel Mull    More Info    904 945-1989
 First Penance / First Eucharist   Kelly Nance 

 Organist and Music Director

 Robert Waddell

 Head Sacristan

  George Contois 

 Parish Secretary

  Meg Viggiani  
 Parish Council Chair   Bill Thompson 
 School Advisory Board Chair  Erin Avera

Phone Numbers

Rectory Phone                                                         904 398 1963

Rectory Fax                                                               904 398-6115

Religious Education:                                             904-398-6355

Assumption School:                                               904-398-1774

Assumption Pre-School:                                       904-398-8324

Assumption Charity Outreach                            904-396-7086

Crisis Pregnancy – Women’s Help Center:      904-398-5143
Emergency Pregnancy Services                          904-308-7510

Post Abortion Healing:                                          904-221-3232 

Lifeline Resources, Inc.                                         904-642-9000

Nationwide Mass times and Locations:          858-207-6277 


Father Jose Panthaplamthottiyil, Parochial Vicar


Father Donald Lum


Father Martin Raj, OSB in Residence (below) 


Deacon Dale Tatum,  Pastoral Ministry


Deacon Jeff Silvernale



Deacon Chuck Patterson



Deacon Corky Hecht accepted an important position with the Diocese.


 Deacon Corky Hecht,  Now with the Prison Ministry for the Diocese of St. Augustine as of June, 2017.