Capital Campaign Planning Study

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We are in an exciting time for our parish! Leadership has been working diligently to identify the improvements and renovations that will allow us to continue our mission for God’s greater glory. In order to approach our plans strategically, Assumption Catholic Church will begin a 6 week planning study beginning Monday, September 18. A planning study is a large scale survey focused on getting important feedback from everyone in the parish.

We have retained the Steier Group, a Catholic development firm, to assist us with the study to help us prepare for a capital campaign.

Everyone in the parish will receive a fact sheet describing our proposed projects and estimated costs. We ask that you review the fact sheet and participate in the planning study by providing candid feedback. The information will help us determine a feasible fundraising goal, identify campaign volunteers, and will be instrumental in customizing a capital campaign that best suits our parish.

Here are some details:

Q. How will the study determine whether there is support?

A. The study involves surveying the entire Assumption community. The Steier Group will administer the study and survey. The firm will compile your feedback and present it to our parish leadership. We will then make an informed decision about the projects and campaign. Hiring an experienced, professional development firm like the Steier Group ensures an effective and successful planning study.

Q. Why should we conduct a planning study before a capital campaign?

A. Many churches use planning studies when considering a fundraising campaign. It is a wise first step. That’s because the study provides valuable information on how everyone feels about the proposed projects, helps uncover early any concerns, begins identifying leadership, and will give us a reasonable funding projection to keep our campaign goals achievable.

Q. What is a capital campaign?

A. A capital campaign is a fundraising effort for big projects and needs, such as major renovations and new buildings. Capital campaigns seek sacrificial gifts above and beyond offertory and regular support to be paid over a number of years. Campaigns think in terms of generations, not year to year.

Q. What do you expect of parishioners during the planning study?

A. When you receive the fact sheet, spend some time with it and consider the vision presented for the future of Assumption. Then, participate in the study to provide your input.


Fr. Jason

Family Feast Day Fun: September Edition

Feast day and liturgical season traditions help our kiddos understand the Faith in their everyday space in their everyday life. The symbols and colors of the Church during each liturgical season can be brought home in many ways. Foods, activities, crafts, the options are vast.

*What season? Ordinary Time

*Home altar color? Green

Upcoming Feast Days:

September 8- Nativity of Mary (Mary’s birthday): Did you know we celebrate Mary’s birthday? Set 9 months after the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, have a birthday party for Mary this day! We wear blue, have a birthday cake, and sing happy birthday to our most Blessed Mother. Maybe a rosary! Definitely one of the kids’ favorites.

September 23- St. Padre Pio: One of the more modern Saints, we even have his photographs! Living from the 1880s-1960s he was a Franciscan friar renowned for his suffering (receiving the stigmata), and had many miracles associated with him, like bilocation and flying! Lots to talk about with the kids. One of his famous quotes is, “Pray, hope, and don’t worry,” so a fun play-on of that is, “pray, hope, and DONUT worry,” so we enjoy making donuts this day! It’s also a namesake day for one of our kiddos, so he gets the “special”. Any donuts will do, store-bought, biscuit dough semi-homemade, or scratch!

September 29- Michaelmas (St. Michael and archangels): Another big favorite of our family’s is Michaelmas (traditionally pronounced Mickel-mus), for the feast of St. Michael and the archangels. We love having a Michaelmas party! There is a legend that when St. Michael cast Satan down from Heaven during the Battle after the Fall of Lucifer, that the devil landed in a thorny blackberry bush. So Angel food cake with blackberries on top or Devils’ food cake would be lovely (to toast Satan’s defeat), and beating down a dragon piñata is a wonderful party activity.

We are the Domestic Church!

Feel free to email me for any specifics, recipes, crafts, etc…Lindsay @

Walking with Purpose Bible Study

Walking with Purpose is excited to announce their 2023 Fall Study! Beholding His Glory reminds us how all Scripture points us to our Redeemer, Jesus Christ. We’ll learn to recognize and appreciate God’s plan for our own lives, His awe-inspiring majesty, and His desire for personal intimacy with each one of us. Join Assumption WWP as we dive into this study beginning September 6th at 9:30am in Kohl’s Hall. Registration for this study is $18 and scholarships are available. Childcare may be provided. Please register with the link below or contact for more information.

CCD registration is now open!

All children from 1st – 8th grade who are not attending Catholic school should be attending catechism classes. Classes are held on Wednesday evenings from 6:30 pm – 7:45 pm. The first class will begin September 13th, 2023 with a mandatory parent meeting in the Church.

Catechism Teachers: If you are interested in teaching catechism classes please contact the Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother.

More Information:

Welcome Fr. Sebastian Musa!

Reverend Sebastian Musa, a priest of the Archdiocese of Abuja, Nigeria, was ordained on the 13th of July, 1996. Over the past twenty-seven years, Reverend Musa has served in various capacities in his home diocese as pastor, diocesan project coordinator, chancellor, chaplain and spiritual director to diocesan groups. 

Between 2008 to 2010, Reverend Musa took up Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, and served as chaplain while at St. Mary of the Assumption parish, Brookline, MA. 

It is a wonderful coincidence that as Reverend Musa returns to the US for priestly ministry, his first assignment finds him at Assumption Catholic Church, Jacksonville. 

Reverend Musa is looking forward to serving this faith community!

Welcome – There is MORE to Life!

Would you like to be challenged to live a more authentic, Christ-Centered life?  How often do we go about our day-to-day lives, never seeing beyond worldly goals?  It is easy to go through the motions of faith.  By saying YES to the Retreat, you are giving God two days to awaken a renewed faith.  “Welcome” is a 1-1/2 day retreat that will inspire you while building authentic Catholic friendships.  Very casual, No cost. 

Women’s Weekend: September 16-17, 2023
Men’s Weekend: September 23-24, 2023

Visit the following link to register:

Very Rev. Jason Trull named Vicar General for the Diocese of St. Augustine, effective Jan. 20, 2023.

After the announcement of my appointment as Vicar General, I have had numerous questions regarding what a Vicar General is/does. According to Canon (Church) Law the following canons pertain to the Vicar General:

Can. 475 §1. In each diocese the diocesan bishop must appoint a vicar general who is provided with ordinary power according to the norm of the following canons and who is to assist him in the governance of the whole diocese.

Can. 479 §1. By virtue of office, the vicar general has the executive power over the whole diocese which belongs to the diocesan bishop by law, namely, the power to place all administrative acts except those, however, which the bishop has reserved to himself, or which require a special mandate of the bishop by law.

And from our Diocesan website:
The duty of the vicar general is to assist the bishop in the governance of the Diocese of St. Augustine. “A vicar general and an episcopal vicar must report to the diocesan bishop concerning more important affairs which are to be handled or have been handled, and they are never to act contrary to the intention and mind of the diocesan bishop” (Canon 480).

In short, the Vicar General must maintain a broad view of the work of the diocese and assist the bishop in shepherding the diocese. This will be a challenging assignment, but I think it will also be an exciting one! I hope this description helps. I again ask for your prayers as I take on this responsibility and please know of my continued prayers for all of you!


Fr. Jason

16th Anniversary of Home of the Mother at Assumption

On the feast of Pope St. John Paul II, October 22, 2006, marks the 16th an anniversary of the foundation of the Sisters of the Home of the Mother here at Assumption when Sister Teresa (superior), Sister Clare, Sister Maria Elena and Sister Ruth began here. Happy anniversary Sisters!!

All are invited to join them for a meeting on Saturday, October 22, 2022 at 5:30 in Kohls Hall to celebrate!

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