Covid-19 Safety Plan

This week we have received word from the Diocese regarding the continued Delta Variant of COVID -19 impact on our community. We have many who have been impacted by this variant. We desire to provide a safe and sanitary space to worship, and I ask your help. We have fallen back into Phase 1 of the Diocesan COVID Response Protocols. The following protocols were implemented this week:

We encourage everyone who is eligible and with the consultation of their medical doctor to receive a vaccination. Those who are ill or have severe underlying health conditions are encouraged to participate in the Mass via live stream from the safety of their homes.

· Those with serious health conditions should consult their physician before attending gatherings where contact with others could put them at risk.

· Social distancing should be maintained and observed by all when possible, family members excluded.

· Because not all members of our communities are vaccinated (for COVID‐19), and some people may have conditions that require them to use a mask (such as underlying medical conditions), it is strongly encouraged that all parishioners wear a mask during Mass.

· There should be no physical contact during the sign of peace with others outside of your family. A traditional bow will suffice.

· Those wishing to receive communion on the tongue must wait for all those who desire to receive on the hand to do so and then approach the Priest or Deacon in front of the sanctuary.

Baptist Health updates their numbers of COVID patients on twitter and as I type this on Tuesday, they posted 535 admitted COVID patients with 125 of them in ICU and 15 of them being children and 3 of them in ICU. Let us continue to unite our voices in prayer and care for one another. In a particular way let us pray for those who have lost loved ones, those who are currently suffering and all in the medical community who continue to care for the infirmed.

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