Senior Luncheon – Dec 6

On November 15, 2021 we had over 60 Senior Citizens of our parish attend a wonderful luncheon.

Thanks to those who helped put on this luncheon. Without the help of each one of our volunteers this luncheon would not be the success it was this month!! A big Thank You to all the following people who set up, cook, donated prizes, served and help clean up afterwards:

Andrew Ruzanka, Zach Tatum, Lacey Oliver, Cate Petre, Colleen Foy, Laura Hernandez, Christine Pellicer, Sylvia Arnold, Michele Hardman, Barbara Bray, Leslie Joseph, Carol Baumer, Lena Loveless, Carmae DePalma, Terri Hazlehurst, Amy Wright, Tina Mochowski, Gina Vought, Tammy Henderson, Danielle Whitley, Kim Tran, Janalene Phillips, Lori Segui, Ann Longo,  Rita Crews, Violy and Royce Timbang  Mary Anne Hashem, Chris Westbrook, Pat Schneider, Rachel Schmidt, Elysce Bray, Bobby Howell, Arlene Patnubay, Mary Couch, Nancy Hennessy, Jennifer Douglass, Mary and Richard Becker, Paige Thompson, Dianne Groger, Stan Fraser, Wanda Douglass,  and Monika Gutkowska.       

We would love to see you at the next luncheon on Monday, December 6, 2021. Please make you reservations to the Church Office as soon as possible!

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