Liturgical Living

Liturgical Living At Home For Families: May Edition

by Lindsay Aldridge

Feast day and liturgical season traditions help our kiddos understand the Faith in their everyday space in their everyday life. The symbols and colors of the Church during each liturgical season can be brought home in many ways. Foods, activities, crafts, the options are vast.

*What season? Still Easter!!! It’s a full 50 days long!

*Home altar color? White

Upcoming Feast Days:

May Crowning for Mary: This can be done any day of May, we usually aim for sometime in the first week. Gather some neighbors/family/friends, go wherever there is a Mary statue (even at home if you have a Mary statue outside or even inside). Make a flower crown, process around the house and yard singing the Hail Mary or Immaculate Mary, finishing with one of the little girls crowning Our Mother. Finding other Mary statues around you neighborhood/parishes and offering fresh flowers is a fun way to do it too.

May 1- St. Joseph the Worker: Another deserved day celebrating St. Joseph, and the dignity of work specifically. If you didn’t celebrate his solemnity in March, this is another opportunity to remember Jesus’ holy foster father. Italian food, Spaghetti on the Table, tool shaped bread, prayers for laborers, all such fun to be had.

May 8- Mother’s day: This is not a feast day, but on top of celebrating our own Mamas, we can also use this day to remember all of our/our children’s godmothers. We can send a card a few days in advance, or call them individually.

May 21- St. Eugene de Mazenod: He was a French bishop and one of our own family patrons. If you don’t have a family patron list/litany, I encourage you to discern making one. We gave each of our kids patrons in their names, and my husband and I each have our own as well. One of our kids’ is St. Eugene, so this is their patron/namesake day and why we celebrate this day. As he was French, we may attempt crepes this year.

May 22- St. Rita: St. Rita was an Italian wife and mother who was incredibly adept at forgiveness, especially between family members. Look up her whole story for some serious inspiration. For the grown-ups, marga-Ritas may be in order, and as she was featured in a miracle in the fictional movie The Rookie, she is an unofficial patroness of baseball, thus hot dogs are a nice and easy dinner option. 😊

May 29- Ascension Sunday- The day we remember that Jesus left His Apostles again, to rise to Heaven to live with His Father in Heaven until the Second Coming. We have enjoyed this day as a kite-flying day after mass, since the kite seems to ascend like we can imagine Jesus did.

May 31- The Visitation- This is the day we remember for Mary visiting to help her pregnant cousin Elizabeth. This is a great day to check in with our pregnant friends, and even bring them a meal if possible.

Remember…it’s STILL Easter! Easter is a full 50 days long, longer than Lent was. We continue with our hanging of little plastic Easter eggs from the mantle for each day, as well as our Catholic greeting of “He is risen!” to be replied with, “He is risen, indeed, Alleluia!” Especially following our meal prayers. The jelly bean jar which replaced the Sacrifice Beans continues too, which the kids got to each eat one after doing a good deed during the Octave, followed with one every morning during the remainder of the season.

We are the Domestic Church!

Feel free to email me for any specifics or printables, Lindsay @

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