Family Feast Day Fun: September Edition

Feast day and liturgical season traditions help our kiddos understand the Faith in their everyday space in their everyday life. The symbols and colors of the Church during each liturgical season can be brought home in many ways. Foods, activities, crafts, the options are vast.

*What season? Ordinary Time

*Home altar color? Green

Upcoming Feast Days:

September 8- Nativity of Mary (Mary’s birthday): Did you know we celebrate Mary’s birthday? Set 9 months after the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, have a birthday party for Mary this day! We wear blue, have a birthday cake, and sing happy birthday to our most Blessed Mother. Maybe a rosary! Definitely one of the kids’ favorites.

September 23- St. Padre Pio: One of the more modern Saints, we even have his photographs! Living from the 1880s-1960s he was a Franciscan friar renowned for his suffering (receiving the stigmata), and had many miracles associated with him, like bilocation and flying! Lots to talk about with the kids. One of his famous quotes is, “Pray, hope, and don’t worry,” so a fun play-on of that is, “pray, hope, and DONUT worry,” so we enjoy making donuts this day! It’s also a namesake day for one of our kiddos, so he gets the “special”. Any donuts will do, store-bought, biscuit dough semi-homemade, or scratch!

September 29- Michaelmas (St. Michael and archangels): Another big favorite of our family’s is Michaelmas (traditionally pronounced Mickel-mus), for the feast of St. Michael and the archangels. We love having a Michaelmas party! There is a legend that when St. Michael cast Satan down from Heaven during the Battle after the Fall of Lucifer, that the devil landed in a thorny blackberry bush. So Angel food cake with blackberries on top or Devils’ food cake would be lovely (to toast Satan’s defeat), and beating down a dragon piñata is a wonderful party activity.

We are the Domestic Church!

Feel free to email me for any specifics, recipes, crafts, etc…Lindsay @

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