Congratulations to our 2024 Elect! Welcome Home!

This year, we’ve seen a fantastic rise in people embracing our Catholic faith, with 130 more individuals joining the Church in our Diocese compared to last year. This surge marks one of the largest groups of converts in decades. At Assumption, we are thrilled to have welcomed 20 new Catholics at the Vigil, potentially making it our highest number since 2013 and among the highest in the past twenty-five years. Let’s take a moment to praise God for the wonderful growth and vitality of our Church!

Identifications, from left to right:

Back Row: James Sheppard, John Parsons, James Holderfield, Ed Salek

Row 3: Arica Anderson, Leilani Rice, Julie Longo, Maria Batista, Rosemary Schmidt

Row 2: Kyla Lynch, Davilynn Veres, Olivia Holderfield, Ava Farham, Bella Sackel, Phoebe Berzsenyi

Front Row: Meredith Berzsenyi, Aspen Jadoo, Maria-Louisa Letourneau

Not Pictured: Samara Macie and Isabella D’Amico

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