Man praying at sunset

Christ King of the Universe

Today marks the last Sunday of Ordinary Time and next week we begin the season of Advent as we prepare for the coming of our Lord at Christmas. It is fitting that we conclude the liturgical year with the celebration of Christ the King of the Universe. This pilgrimage of life finds its culmination in our entering into the fullness of the Kingdom of God. Christ our King and High Priest gives us but a foretaste of that heavenly kingdom in this eucharist. That is why what we do here is so important and why we come week after week, so that we may not lose sight of the heavenly reality to which we are called. As we conclude this liturgical year it is good that we pause for a moment for some spiritual reflection. To acknowledge the blessings God has brought into our lives as well as the challenges. In reflecting hopefully we are able to see how we have grown spiritually!

Fr. Jason

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