Silhouette of cross at sunrise or sunset with light rays

Thirty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

It seems so hard to believe that next Sunday is the last Sunday of the liturgical year and that the following Sunday will be the beginning of Advent. As we prepare to close out this liturgical year, we will notice that the readings in the liturgy begin to take on an eschatological (the end of time) tone. In today’s gospel, we are reminded that worldly things will be torn down and that persecution is coming. If you have ever read Acts of the Apostles or studied the life of the early church, you will see that they did indeed suffer persecution and that the temple that Jesus is speaking about is not only the temple of his body but also the temple itself which was destroyed in 70 AD. As we approach a new liturgical year and a new calendar year shortly thereafter. We realize once again that change is a part of life. There are things from this past year that we must let go of and other things that bring newness to our lives. May we never cease to thank God for the passing of times and seasons as he continues to renew us!

Fr. Jason

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