Religious Education Classes:

All children from 1st – 8th grade who are not attending Catholic school should be attending catechism classes.

Sacramental Preparation Classes:

Children preparing for the Sacrament of the Eucharist or Confirmation need to attend a two-year catechetical program. Please contact the Servant Sisters for more information.

Classes meet in the Church and are held on Wednesday evenings from 6:30pm – 7:45pm beginning after September 5.   Classes will end on May 8th, 2019.

Catechism Teachers: If you are interested in teaching catechism classes please contact the Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother.

For more information contact the Servant Sisters

Tel: (904) 398-6355 /
or the Parish secretary Tel: (904) 398-1963.

Registration 2018-2019

ACC Calendar 2018-2019

Religious Education Program Registration School Year 2018-2019
Please complete ALL the information. Please attach a copy of your child’s Baptismal Certificate.


Parent’s Last Name____________________________ Home Phone _____________________

Mother’s religion ______________________________

Father’s religion ______________________________
Address: _________________________________________________________________________

City ______________________ State __________ Zip_______________
E-Mail Address___________________________________________________________________

Mother’s Name ________________________________ Mother’s Phone_________________

Father’s Name: ________________________________ Father’s Phone: _________________

Mother’s Maiden Name:______________________ Child(ren) reside(s) with (mom, dad or
Stepparent/Guardian’s Full Name:_____________________

Stepparent/Guardian’s Phone:____________

Emergency Contact Name: ____________________________ Phone: ___________________

Are you registered with Assumption? __Yes __ No Envelope Number ______________________

Conditions of Enrollment, Waiver, and Release; Photographs

My child(ren) has (have) permission to attend Assumption Religious Education Program and to participate in
all activities. Without compensation, I hereby grant permission to the Catholic Diocese of Saint
Augustine/Assumption Catholic Church & Home of the Mother to use and reproduce photographs and/or
video taken of my child. These photographs may be used for news and editorial purposes in publications and
other electronic reproductions (websites and video) and/or brochures. In addition, I grant my permission to
alter the same photos without restriction and to copyright the same. I hereby release the photographer, the
journalists and the publications or media outlets they represent, as well as, the parish/church and/or school
involved, the Bishop of the Diocese of St. Augustine, a corporation sole, the Catholic Diocese of Saint
Augustine and all of their employees and agents, from all claims and liability relating to said photographs.
I understand that Assumption Catholic Church cannot be responsible for lost or broken items and that any
unclaimed items will be donated to charity after two weeks in our lost and found.
______________________________________________      ______________________________
Authorized Signature                                                                                          Date



Religious Education Program Registration School Year 2018-2019
Please complete ALL the information. Please attach a copy of your child’s Baptismal Certificate.


Student Name: ________________________________________________________________________
(First Name)                                                                       (Last Name)
Date of Birth: ___________________________ Age: ___________________________
School Grade ______________ School Name ________________________________________________
Has he/she been in religious education classes before? ____ Yes ____ No


Baptism ___ Yes ___ No (please attach a copy of your certificate if it is not already on file)
Church ____________________________________ City __________________________ State _______
1st Confession ___ Yes ___ No 1st Communion ___ Yes ___ No
Church ____________________________________ City __________________________ State _______
Does your child expect to receive a sacrament this year? ________
If so, which sacrament(s)? _______________________________________________________________

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Religious Education Class Information
• All students will meet at Assumption Catholic Church at 2403 Atlantic Blvd. Jax, FL 32207
• Classes will be held on Wednesday evening from 6:30 PM until 7:45 PM

* All students preparing for a sacrament must have attended religious education during the past
school year. A letter from the previous religious education program is required if your child did not
attend Assumption.


If you would like to contact us:

Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother (904) 398-6355

Email Address: