My Dear Friends,

Children take after their parents; their parents’ example teaches them how to be human. The same thing goes for our spiritual life. In today’s Second Reading, St Paul reminds us that through God’s grace we have all become brothers and sisters of Christ and, therefore, children of God. This is what happened at baptism. At that moment we were born again, supernaturally; God infused his divine DNA into our souls. The spiritual life consists of the gradual spread and development of that DNA, until each one of us becomes a mature, wise, and fruitful follower of Jesus Christ.

Today’s Solemnity reminds us that if we have become Christ’s spiritual brothers and sisters, we have also become spiritual children of Mary. She was his mother in the flesh, and she is our mother in grace. And just as we learn from our natural mothers how to be good human beings, so we learn from Mary how to become mature Christians. She is the living school where we learn every virtue that leads to happiness and holiness.

In today’s Gospel she teaches us one of the most important virtues of all: wisdom. St Luke tells us how Mary responded to the wonderful things that God was doing in and around her: “Mary kept all these things, reflecting on them in her heart.” Just as Mary’s womb was open to receiving God’s living Word at the moment of Christ’s Incarnation, so her heart was constantly open to receiving God’s ongoingwords and messages as he continued to speak through the eventsof her life.

This capacity and habit of reflecting in our heart on God’s action in our lives is both a sign and a source of wisdom. And we can never become mature, courageous, and joyful followers of Christ unless we develop it.


Fr. Jason

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