Pastor’s Message…

Veni Sancti Spiritus! Come Holy Spirit!

The above phrase Is very simple and yet very daunting. When we call upon the Spirit and give him permission to work in our lives, we never know what to expect. The Spirit “writes straight with crooked lines.” The end point is always unity with God, but when we look to the witness of the saints, we see that our God always does what is unexpected. Through the Spirit, Paul was sent to light the gentile world on fire. Through the Spirit, St. Augustine, St. Francis and so many others turned from lives of sin to become zealous proclaimers of the gospel. Through the Spirit, so many martyrs, even until this present time, have approached the cross of martyrdom with courage and love.

Yes, to give the Sprit permission is daunting, but to do so will lead us to unimaginable joys as we see God work in and through us. On this Pentecost Sunday, let us give the Holy Spirit permission to guide us, but when we do be sure to hold on tight, it is going to be an amazing ride! Veni Sancti Spiritus!


Fr. Jason

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