My Dear Friends,

What was it about John the Baptist that drew people out to see him? It certainly wasn’t his fashion sense, and I seriously doubt people were going to learn how to follow his diet plan. I am sure that there were many who went simply to see the spectacle of this crazy guy in the desert everyone was talking about. But John baptized a great many people. This Is a testament to John’s preaching. He was the VOICE. Christ is the WORD. Whenever we proclaim the gospel in the world, we, like John the Baptist become a VOICE.  The VOICE only finds the fullness of its purpose when what is spoken becomes the WORD that takes root in the one who receives. Then as John himself proclaimed as the VOICE, “He must increase, I must decrease.” The Voice lasts but a moment, it is the WORD that abides and remains in the heart.

Let us harken to the VOICE crying in the desert to make straight the paths of the Lord so that the WORD may abide in our hearts. May this Advent Season continue to be a time of renewal as we prepare for the coming of the Savior! Happy Advent!


When we first emerged from lockdown and began the celebration of public Masses again Bishop Estévez instituted the directive that distribution of Holy Communion would only be given in the hand. This was done in accordance with Canon Law, and Liturgical Law for the health and wellbeing of everyone in light of the pandemic and listening to the guidance of the CDC and healthcare professionals.

A few months ago, Bishop Estévez gave the authority to pastors to decide whether or not to resume distribution on the tongue. In consultation with Fr. Eric and with healthcare professionals I had decided to maintain the restriction to distribute only in the hand for the good of all concerned. I must be clear, receiving on the tongue or in the hand are both valid and equally reverent according to Liturgical Law and directives.

Though I am still advised by medical professionals not to, I have decided to resume distribution on the tongue for those that wish. However, there are certain protocols put forth by the diocese If we chose to begin this practice and additional norms that I am putting in place here at Assumption. They are as follows:

All those wishing to receive on the tongue MUST wait until those who are receiving on the hand have finished.

Those distributing Holy Communion on the tongue must follow certain sanitization protocols. Those receiving on the tongue are to present themselves ONLY to Fr. Eric, the Servant Sisters or myself as sanitation protocols will only be available to us.

These protocols took effect December 1st. I kindly ask your cooperation with these protocols. I know it will take some adjustment, but these protocols are necessary to safeguard our brothers and sisters in Christ. Again, Happy Advent!


Fr. Jason

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