There is beauty in simplicity. In life we can make things more complicated that they need to be. Lent invites us back into simplicity. Through sacrifice, fasting and abstinence we strip away all the complicated mess that we have heaped upon ourselves and get back to the foundations of faith. That is not to say that there will not be challenges. When Jesus entered the desert, it was a journey of detachment from worldly things in preparation for His ministry. Lent is the same journey for us. Lent is a time of unburdening, despite the Evil One whispering in our ears how much we need all the “things” in our lives. A musical instrument finds its fullest potential when it is simply what it was created to be and is placed in the hands of a master musician. Likewise, we find our fullest potential when we become what we are created to be, and we place ourselves in the hands of the Divine Master.

May God give you His grace and strength as we venture into the desert with Our Lord, and may we emerge from this Lenten journey being who we are created to be having placed ourselves in the hands of the Lord!

May you all have a blessed Lent!


Fr. Jason

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