Pastor’s Message…

It is amazing how much noise there is in our world. Our lives are filled with it. Anyone who has taken the opportunity for even a short silent retreat knows how jarring it can be to step back into the world and be a bit overwhelmed by all the noise.

Silence is important. During the liturgy we pause for moments of silence so that we may reflect on what we have just heard or encountered. Silence is important, even before the Mass begins so that we can filter out all the noise of the world and focus our minds and hearts on Our Lord.

Elijah realized that the Lord was in the tiny whisper. With our life so filled with noise, it can be hard to hear the Lord speaking to us. During this next week, try to find those moments where you can quiet yourself and just BE in the presence of the Lord. Listen intently for that tiny whisper as the Lord lets you know how much he loves you.


Fr. Jason

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