Truth, beauty and goodness are alive and well at Assumption Catholic Church. Long a cornerstone of the Catholic community in Jacksonville, Assumption has come a long way over the past 110 years – growing from a small group of 13 families to a thriving parish of more than 1,000 households. Our ministries are widespread and committed to good works, and service to God and community is woven throughout all we do. Our school – our largest ministry – and our Early Learning Center are bustling hubs of academics and development. Our parish life center provides us with space for fellowship and family.

Our sanctuary – the church building itself – is the beating heart of our parish. So much more than a mere building, this updated Mission Style church has held us as we’ve worshipped, celebrated and mourned. We’ve gathered in its pews to find peace and serenity, answers and absolution. At 70 years old, our church building has served us well for a long time, but it’s showing the effects of decades of loving use.

We have discussed, debated and prayed over the needs of our church, and our leaders have determined that a capital campaign is necessary to address our needs and to ensure that Assumption thrives far into the future – for our children and their children and so on. When completed, these projects will make our church safer and more efficient, and they will enhance the spirituality and look of our church, hopefully inspiring and encouraging us to deepen our faith and spiritual lives.

We have all of the information including the Fact Sheet breaking down the projects and anticipated costs, frequently asked questions with answers, and more below.

Campaign Case Statement

Every registered family has been mailed a case statement containing an outline of our campaign, including the addressed projects, donation methods, campaign leadership, and additional details. You can access and download the case statement below.

Planning Study Results

In order to ensure a successful campaign, we issued a 3 week planning study. Every registered family should have received a Fact Sheet in the mail which broke down the renovation projects and anticipated costs. This fact sheet was also shared through our bulletin, social media, and our website. Throughout the planning study we received feedback from over 200 parishioners through personal interviews as well as mail, online, and in-pew surveys. Those results are broken down and explained in the Planning Study Results sheet included below. The Fact Sheet with the renovation and cost breakdown can also be found below for reference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Throughout December 17-December 31, 2023, we included three separate inserts in the bulletins as well as a follow-up in April to address frequently raised questions and concerns from the campaign planning study. If you happened to miss them or wish to revisit the information, they are conveniently provided below.

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