May 25, 2020 7:50 pm

Join the Assumption Ladies Book Club as we read two books this spring! First, we will read
“Salvation is from the Jews” by renowned Catholic convert Roy Schoeman. This compelling book shows how Catholicism is deeply rooted in Judaism, and how the Catholic faith relies upon, and fulfills, the Old Testament. In addition, we will read “Theology of Home,” by Carrie Gress, Noelle Mering and Megan Schrieber. This beautifully photographed book proposes that our everyday homes can reflect the eternal gifts of our Heavenly Father’s Home, which poses the questions, why is home so important? What can we do in our everyday activities of raising families, cooking meals, cleaning and laundry that reflects and even evangelizes our Catholic Faith?
Both books can be easily purchased from San Marco Books and More, either to be delivered to your home or for curbside pickup at
We’ll meet to discuss the books on Sunday, June 28th. It may be through Zoom or perhaps social distancing, and that will be announced as it gets closer. But for now, join us in reading the books and keeping our fellowship! Email Karen Montanaat with any questions. Happy reading!

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