Hello Friends, Family, and Fellow Workers in the Vineyard!

If you’ve come to this webpage, I need you to prayerfully consider joining Parent Life or Core Team.  

  • Maybe you want to recommit to Core Team
  • Maybe you want to step over to Parent Life
  • Maybe you want to get involved in Parent Life and see what the ministry is about
  • Maybe you only have time to pray for us and that is the time you can give
  • Maybe you have a friend who wants to get involved in a ministry and you think they would be a great fit with teens
  • Maybe you want to simply close the website

I’m asking you to pray.  I’m asking you to get involved.  We had over 120 high school teens involved in our summer programs.  I need help encouraging them to come on Sundays.  I need more people to walk with them through their spiritual journeys.  I need people to want more for their own spiritual journey and selfishly want to get fed by sharing their faith and their time and talent with the young church.  

Anyone on Core can tell you that it is NOT a weekly commitment.  It is a ‘please come as often as possible but be ready to dive deep when you are there.’  We do ask that you come more often than not since relational ministry is needed to walk with teens – the more they see you, the more they will trust you, the better the encounter with Christ, for both of you. 

Please email me with your commitment, your questions, your statements of outrage, or simply to tell me “no.”  Also, you may forward this webpage to anyone you feel would be well suited for the ministry.  I am praying for you.  Please join me in praying for our teens.

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