AYM: Summer Program Information

All summer events are now full. Covecrest and Steubenville have waitlists, but Servants Heart Camp and Urban Plunge do not due to existing waitlists from other parishes. Visit the linked page for details on our summer programs and to check current registrations. Payment and paperwork deadline: May 15. Email jkollasch@assumptioncatholicchurch.org for submissions or inquiries.

  • Servant Heart Camp: June 17-20
    • Registration closed. No waitlist available.
  • Camp Covecrest: June 17-22
    • Registration closed.
  • Plunge: June 30 – July 6
    • Registration closed. No waitlist available.
  • Steubenville: July 12-14
    • Registration closed. May be added to waitlist by emailing jkollasch@assumptioncatholicchurch.org.

Please get your paperwork and payments in! Deadline is May 15.

Current List of Teens Registered for Summer Events

Below is the list of who is currently registered for each summer event. If you/your child are not listed, then you are not registered. Please email jkollasch@assumptioncatholicchurch.org with paperwork by May 15 if you are registered.

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