AYM: Summer Program Information

Please view the flyers below for all information on our summer programs offered this year. All events require a deposit to claim a spot and all spots must be claimed by emailing jkollasch@assumptioncatholicchurch.org with your interest AND THEN paying the $100 deposit.

  • Servant Heart Camp: June 17-20
    • Registration open
  • Camp Covecrest: June 17-22
    • Registration due by Feb. 21 w/deposit
  • Plunge: June 30 – July 6
    • Registration open
  • Steubenville: July 12-14
    • Registration open; price goes up $25/month starting in March

In order to reserve a spot for ANY summer event you must email jkollasch@assumptioncatholicchurch.org AND pay the deposit.  Please share this information with anyone who has expressed interest in any of our summer programs.

Current List of Teens Registered for Summer Events

Below is the list of who is currently registered for each summer event. If you/your child are not listed, then you are not registered. Please contact jkollasch@assumptioncatholicchurch.org and ensure your deposit is in.

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