October 1, 2020 1:27 pm

Pastor’s Message…
My dear friends,
I would like to let you know that on September 28th I received a positive result for COVID-!9. My only symptoms have been allergy like, and I am not running a fever. Following my doctor’s guidance and that of the health officials I have quarantined myself through October 7th. I am not certain when or where I contracted the virus. CDC guidelines for contact tracing, is being within 6 feet of the person for greater than 15 minutes. I have done my best to contact all who fall into this category. If you feel that you fall into that category and you have not heard from me or you have any concerns, please self-monitor for symptoms and contact your physician for guidance.
Fr. Eric has been tested and has tested negative and will continue to self-monitor. Next week is our annual priests’ retreat, which I will still be in quarantine for half of and I had planned a vacation to follow, should I receive a clean bill of health.
Be assured that we have continued to follow CDC recommended sanitization and PPE practices throughout our parish to ensure a safe and healthy environment for all who attend. Should you not feel comfortable, know that the dispensation from the Sunday Obligation granted by Bishop Estevez is still in effect for those who find themselves unable to come to Mass due to COVID.

Please keep me in your prayers as you will be in mine. I will let you know when I am considered fit for service, until then It seems prayer, good books, and some good bingeing on Amazon Prime will be my prescription for the next week. May God bless you all!

Fr. Jason

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